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About the project

UK Sport is responsible for co-ordinating the bidding and staging of major international sporting events across the UK. UK Sport works in partnership with sporting and regional partners to ensure that important international events are staged in the UK, to a world leading standard.

Between 2007 and 2012, UK Sport’s World Class Events Programme distributed around £3.5 million of National Lottery funding each year to support the bidding and staging of major international sporting events on home soil in preparation for London 2012. The programme supported 118 events in 35 different towns and cities across the UK between 2007 – 2012 attracting around 30,000 athletes and over 27,000 opportunities for officials and volunteers to develop key skills ahead of London 2012.

The success of this programme has led to the development of an ambitious event hosting strategy for the post London 2012 period, which will see National Lottery investment increase to £5 million per year.

Find out more about the 2007 – 2012 UK Sports Major Events Strategy -

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