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About the project

National Lottery funding enabled the Club to purchase a Schleicher ASK21 two-seat dual-control glider. This glider is fitted with hand controls to replace the foot operated rudder pedals, so that people with a disability affecting the lower limbs can enjoy the experience of soaring in the clouds. A hoist is also available to assist with entry and exit from the cockpit. Over 50 people with disabilities used the glider in its first season, the summer of 2007. 

Gliders are able to use the same air currents as birds, but they have also been designed with the kind of aerodynamic efficiency that enables top speeds of up to 170 mph. Distances of over 200 miles have been covered from Bellarena in one day, and heights in excess of 20,000 feet have been achieved. 

The Lottery-funded glider has enabled people with disabilities to fully partake in the Club’s activities, and enjoy the sensation of flight as well as the spectacular scenery, as seen from the sky.

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