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About the project

Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training aims to give disabled people the same opportunities to be as active as non-disabled people. By offering training to teachers and community leaders, the project works to boost knowledge, understanding and confidence so that support networks can introduce physical activity and sport to the disabled people they work with. The project aims to use physical activity to improve the quality of life of people with a disability.

National Lottery funding helped The English Federation of Sport to develop training material, recruit and train a network of tutors to deliver the training and reach a target audience. Lottery funding has helped to create a three hour practical workshop, along with online learning to support participants after the training.

The scheme is delivered across England by a network of 50 tutors and it is hoped to support 10,000 people during the lifetime of the project. The project has provided skills and understanding to the networks that directly support disabled people and created many great opportunities for disabled people to be involved in the community. It has successfully helped participants to encourage disabled people in their areas to enjoy sport and adapt activities to support them. It has helped them to develop new skills and acted as a tool to break down the barriers faced people with a disability.

For more information about Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training visit the website.

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