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About the project

Project CELT (Centre for Equine Learning and Therapy) is a purpose-built unit at Clwyd Special Riding Centre in Flintshire. It provides opportunities for people with complex needs who might benefit from equine learning and/or equine therapy. 

The project provides a state of the art learning and therapy room, barn and round pen.  Since it opened in May 2016, nearly 750 people with physical, learning and mental health needs from across the UK have benefited from the facilities.

There is a fully simulated Grand Prix dressage mechanical horse with interactive screen where riders can experience horse movement while riding a dressage test or cantering along a beach.

Groups who have benefitted include adults with PTSD, children with complex behavioural needs affecting their education, people with brain injuries, hospice patients with life-limiting illness (who may be on oxygen or tube fed), people with autism and even severely disabled people who can only communicate using their eyes.

Centre Manager Sorrel Taylor says: "We were an additional needs riding centre but people still needed a certain level of ability to get onto a horse or use a carriage.

"Project CELT has allowed us to work with anyone who has an interest in riding, equine learning and/or equine therapy. 

"We are fully inclusive and this is unique in the UK. Horses also make education memorable and enjoyable, and we offer activities that can boost numeracy and literacy, lessons in science, history and geography, and teach empathy through learning to care for the horses."

For more information about Project CELT visit the website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch