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About the project

Kids in Control (KIC) is an innovative and unique physical theatre and dance company, which aims to provide high quality creative learning programmes that impact positively on the lives of marginalised young people and adults. The project is profoundly inclusive, cutting through traditional divisions of physical and learning ability, religion and social background. KIC aims to promote tolerance, affirmation and creative visions for young people with difficult starts in life, through their experience of theatre.

The National Lottery funded their Box of Stars training programme, which taught advanced theatre skills to marginalised youth and culminated in 4 practice and 3 final performances. The project developed and engaged new audiences from special needs schools, and schools and youth groups in disadvantaged areas. This was a groundbreaking project for Kids in Control.

The achievements of the participants in Box of Stars were exceptional, and motivating, for the performers, their guardians, the audience members and also the KIC team. Many young participants had never had the opportunity to develop the skills needed to make their voices heard. The programme produced high quality performances and educated those involved about the diversity of social backgrounds.

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