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About the project

When residents in Rowhedge, Essex decided that they wanted to create community allotments in 2010 they approached the National Lottery for help. Now, two years, £7,500 and a lot of hard work later the Rowhedge Allotment Association has transformed a scruffy uncultivated field into 31 thriving plots.

Joy Magna, Chairperson of the Association says “The plots are used by all sections of the local community: from experienced old timers to young people who have never grown anything before; we have some families with small children who are growing their own potatoes, strawberries and sunflowers and are learning where their food comes from.

“The amount of work people have put into their plots is inspiring. There’s a real spirit of co-operation: people share their knowledge, experience, excess seeds and plants with each other. Another plus of the allotment is the wildlife: we’ve found small frogs and newts, ladybirds, dragonflies, a grass snake and the verges are covered with wild flowers. We’re also reaping the health benefits of doing physical work and being outside, not mention eating the fresh produce!”

Grow Veg in Rowhedge is supported by The Big Lottery Fund.

“The money from the National Lottery helped us to install a water supply without which it would have been almost impossible to function. Now we’re growing so much that we’re able to hold events such as a harvest supper, and we even have a Gardening Gang from the local school who are growing things in their own half-plot.”

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch