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About the project

Scotland is proving that you don't need to go abroad to ski. The country's resorts are thriving, and keen skiers and snowboarders in the Glasgow area are able to get their practice in all year round at the city’s Ski and Snowboard Centre. From very basic facilities in 1981, the Centre has been transformed after receiving funding from The National Lottery.

The Centre's four floodlit dry slopes and five ski lifts are open all year, with lessons available for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. The Centre also hosts annual ski races and snowboard competitions, and is the base for the Glasgow Ski Racing Team, which has 130 junior trainees and more than 40 adult members. The most recent additions to the Centre include a new slope catering for ‘freestyle’ snow sports, upgrades to the lifts to enable full disabled access, and a re-grading and widening of the teaching slope.

“The Centre has made snow sports accessible and affordable for the majority,” says its' manager.  “Centres like ours are key in providing year-round access for people who are pushing to improve their ability level. There is certainly high demand: every year, more than 50,000 hours of ski, snowboard and race training lessons are given, and visitors spend a total of around 110,000 hours on the slopes. As well as 1,500 regular members, the centre is used by individuals, families, schools, community groups and youth groups, and hosts weekly sessions in partnership with Disability Scotland."

For more information about Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre Club visit the website.

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