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About the project

Fix and Shift Training (FAST) DIY community project trains vulnerable adults to help other vulnerable people. It started when its manager heard of someone sitting in the dark for days because he didn’t know how to change a lightbulb.

This innovative training programme allows adults with learning difficulties and mental health issues to learn basic DIY skills. Once trained FAST participants join the FAST DIY Team to help vulnerable people across Carmarthenshire, south west Wales. This free service helps people who are in receipt of benefits by carrying out small DIY jobs in people's homes that the individuals are unable to do themselves.

FAST allows vulnerable people to access training, allows vulnerable people to feel safer in their own homes and guides the trainees, hopefully, into employment.

The volunteers have created a Job Club to help each other become work prepared. They look at motivation for work, how to find a job, CV preparation, interview preparation etc. The package of training, real experience and work preparation allow people who pass through the programme to change their lives.

National Lottery funding is helping the project rent and equip a training facility, set up an office, buy a van to get the trainees to the homes of the clients, train the volunteer team, and provide tools, equipment, wages and support for the volunteers. 250 hours of DIY work has already been completed, serving 40 clients, in the first 6 months alone. 16 trainees are supported by two paid workers and six volunteers.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch