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About the project

Into Film is a film and education charity available to schools, colleges and youth groups across the UK. It puts film at the heart of young people's education, contributing to their cultural, creative, academic and personal development.

Into Film enables educators to set up and run film clubs, which allow young people, ages 5 to 19, to discover, watch, critique, review and make films.

"I went to the Westminster Academy with Into Film and saw first-hand the impact that all aspects film can have on young people - the power to inspire, connect and expand our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I absolutely loved the day, it was wonderful to meet so many young, galvanised people who were all keen to find out more about film." Eddie Redmayne, actor and Into Film Ambassador

"An inspiring initiative which gives kids the chance to enjoy and discuss films at ground level. It excites me to think forward and imagine what some of these kids will achieve." Michael Sheen, actor and Into Film Ambassador

"I find it incredibly rewarding to be part of an organisation that uses film to inspire, educate and motivate young people. Into Film has the ability to help set those involved on a journey of discovery, edification, creativity, storytelling and more, which I hold dear to my heart." Naomie Harris, actor and Into Film Ambassador

For more information about Into Film visit the website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch