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About the project

EquATA (Equine Assisted Therapy Association) combines the use of specially selected horses and a qualified mental health team to provide services for people in need of therapy for emotional & mental health issues; personal development assistance for building self-confidence and self-esteem; and management skills for leadership, team-work and assertiveness.

The EquATA therapy centre is based in Grafton Village, Northamptonshire and was co-founded by Jo Hawkins she explains: “Since receiving National Lottery funding, we’ve helped 75 families from July through to Christmas 2011. The children’s parents have reported a positive effect on family and school life since taking part in our activities with the horses and ponies and, some children who are home-schooled because of their autism, have gone on to attend the local college to work with animals and learn new skills. Children who previously found it impossible to communicate, have started interacting more with family and teachers too. One participant was constantly absent from school, and his mum had a hard time dealing with his behaviour. But since taking part in our activities, she says it’s like living with a different child and that life is so much more rewarding due to his new confidence in and out of school.”

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EquATA is funded by The Big Lottery Fund

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