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About the project

The Deep is an internationally-recognised tourist attraction in Hull and home to more than 3,500 fish, spectacular sharks and rays and a colony of Gentoo penguins. This year there's been the addition of a pair of Loggerhead sea turtles and a £500,000 refurbishment to the Lagoon of Light.

Since opening in 2002, The Deep has welcomed over 6 million visitors. In its first year, The Deep attracted 850,000 people, making it busier than London Zoo. It provided a vital boost to the city's economy, which has areas of high deprivation and spearheaded the regeneration of the city.

The Deep has taken a leading role in the City of Culture celebrations, staging a number of new artworks located at or close to the building. These include a series of marine art installations on their third floor gallery, showcasing issues that affect the oceans and the animals inhabiting them. Also Chris Dobrowolski who brought the Humber beach to the car park, Tania Kovats' who is developing a large-scale sculptural work using recycled coral casts to celebrate the beauty of underwater landscapes and highlighting environmental concerns as well as a very special future project for the autumn.

The Deep is an education and conservation charity and as such, conservation is at the heart of everything they do. Their aim is to help raise public awareness of marine conservation issues of national and global significance. The Deep is more than just a tourist attraction. Put simply, they are "for the oceans, for their future".

For more information about The Deep visit the website.

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