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About the project

DanceSyndrome believes that everyone has the right to follow their own interests and passions – regardless of whether they have a disability or not; and exists to support Jen, and other dancers like her, who are learning disabled and want to inspire others to share their love of dance through inclusive workshops and performances.

The company came about because Jen has an incredible passion for dance but was faced with so many challenges and obstacles in finding suitable training and performance opportunities, she decided to form her own company.

Supported by UnLtd – a charity which supports people with a vision, who want to change the world for the better – Jen went on to recruit 13 more dancers, all from the North West, with a 50:50 mix of dancers with learning disabilities and non-disabled dancers. DanceSyndrome is the only dance initiative in the North West, which is not only disability led, but also seeks to train and employ dancers with learning disabilities to deliver dance workshops and performances.

‘I live for dance – it’s my passion and my life. I have a right to a life of my choosing. My future lies in dance and I want to share the fun and my passion for dance, and get others dancing’  Jen Blackwell, founder and Director of DanceSyndrome.

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Dance Syndrome is funded by The Big Lottery Fund


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