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About the project

Lone parent and community artist Jill Boyd, with 10 years' experience, approached Yorkshire-based domestic violence charity Staying Put with an idea to set up a series of art workshops for survivors of domestic abuse to enable them to rediscover who they were before the abuse, focusing on positives, raising their self-esteem and building up their confidence again so they could move forward in their lives. The initial three classes in May 2016 were such a success, the charity applied for National Lottery funding to expand Jill's project.

Jill has survived domestic abuse herself, moving to Yorkshire with her young daughter to be safe, staying with her mum, leaving everything to start again. After her Fine Art degree she trained to be a psychiatric nurse where she worked with patients in creative activities.

She now runs two sessions (one day, one evening) a week. These involve using art materials in themed projects to enable participants to focus on their strengths and achievements in their life, to balance out the negative past.

Jill says:


"I'm an ordinary person who wanted to use art to help the women rebuild and recover, to identify positives about themselves, through creativity, just as I had done, and still do. I encourage them to carry on at home, often with their kids for fun, so they have a way of coping when things are challenging."

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch