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About the project

This project received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which awards money raised by National Lottery players to transform museums, galleries, libraries and archives, and improve the collections of art, objects and literature that they hold for generations to come.

From Belfast to Norwich and Swansea to Shetland, museums and libraries across the country have benefitted from Lottery cash. Some of these have modern new buildings, while others have been redeveloped in historic buildings, or had their facilities improved so that everyone can visit and enjoy them.

As well as making a difference to the venues themselves, the Heritage Lottery Fund also assists museums, galleries and libraries in acquiring new objects and collections, to help their visitors discover as much as possible about our history. For example, many important British paintings have been prevented from becoming part of foreign collections so that communities in the UK can continue to learn from them. For this reason the Heritage Lottery Fund also supports education projects in museums, galleries and libraries, and helps to make archive collections more accessible by awarding grants for cataloguing, digitisation, online resources and community outreach projects.

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