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About the project

The project began as a one-off event: an inclusive week of sports activities for 100 disabled and non-disabled children.  The event was oversubscribed and now, eight years later, it is even more popular. The project also organises events in school holidays, with weekly sports clubs based in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria.

The project was set up by Steve Harp and Gemma Castle. Steve’s sister, who passed away a few years ago, was severely disabled and struggled to get involved in sport, so he has always tried to organise events that were accessible to everyone.

“Disabled people have historically never had the opportunity to access such opportunities,” says Steve, “while the events help able-bodied children become more disability aware. The only way the young people attending are segregated is by age. Young people learn to play together, work together and communicate.”

One parent’s thank you to Steve underlines this: “CADS is so good for building confidence and friendships. My child may not be able to read and write, or have many friends, but when he comes to CADS he is the same as everyone else.” 

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Children's Able and Disabled Sport was funded by Sport England

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