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About the project

Produced by Glasgow Unesco City of Music, it inspires thousands of people across the country to take up singing in the lead up to and during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.  With National Lottery funding from Creative Scotland, Big Big Sing is helping set up live Song Stages in and around Glasgow during the Games, creating a free Song Book of newly commissioned songs available to anyone anywhere and generally promoting singing because of its social, health and wellbeing benefits, as well as the fun factor. 

Now, thanks to further National Lottery funding, support for the project has reached fever pitch and it is now being rolled-out UK wide.

The campaign has received £1/2 million funding from the Big Lottery Fund and Spirit of 2012 Trust to continue its work within communities across the UK.  Big Big Sing welcomes all singers to take part in its events – no experience required.  Whether you belt out ballads in the shower or hum along to the radio, the scheme encourages everyone to get involved with their local area.

For more information about Big Big Sing visit the website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch


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