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Using this directory

What can I find on this site?

The UK National Lottery returns a higher proportion of revenue back to society than any other Lottery operator in the world. This includes Lottery Duty as well as money for the Good Causes.

This directory shows a sample of the thousands of projects that the National Lottery supports, letting you see a selection of funded projects near you. Funding by Local Authority area up to 5 September 2014 can also be viewed.

We think you'll be amazed by the size and variety of the projects we support.

How to use this site

Using our directory couldn't be easier. You can search using your postcode or find out how we're helping in your region using the map on our homepage - just click on your part of the UK to get started.

To view a selection of projects in your postcode area simply input your postcode to the box provided and click Search. You can zoom in and out of the map should you wish to see a larger or smaller area. Please note that the good causes map only shows a sample of the projects we fund - but this sample is growing all the time! You can also view a full list of projects in your Local Authority area by clicking on the links underneath and to the left of your search results (these lists were taken from the Department for Culture Media and Sport's website and show grants registered up 5 September 2014).

If you run a National Lottery funded project and would like it to be shown on our map we would love to hear from you - simply complete our online form. Alternatively, if your project is shown on the map and you would like us to change or remove your listing please get in touch at

Did you know...?

You're bound to be surprised by how much has been funded near you.

But before you start exploring it's worth being aware that our directory only tells part of the story:

  • Don't assume the projects listed for your area are the only ones that benefit you! Grants are recorded where the organisations are based, very often London, despite them doing incredible work in other areas of the country.
  • Some National Lottery grants benefit the whole of the United Kingdom; for example a cycle path or canal which crosses many regional borders, a film which is distributed throughout the UK, a website or telephone line which can be accessed by people throughout the country, or a touring arts event which travels to several destinations.
  • Grants are registered on one date even though the money may allow organisations to thrive for several years
  • Grants for funding the infrastructure for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are not included in this directory as they are awarded from a separate fund - the Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund - details of these grants can be found on the DCMS website

These facts mean that it isn't possible to make absolute regional funding comparisons based on the summaries contained in this directory.

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