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Ynglŷn â'r prosiect

Morecambe Brass Band Association has provided fun instrumental teaching and performances for the Morecambe community since 1888. The association has since expanded into three bands which play at community concerts, fetes, marches, charity events, civic functions, garden parties and weddings.

Funding from the National Lottery has paid for a complete set of new brass instruments for the association. As a result, the project has been able to offer more students a free personal instrument and insurance, and to provide instruments on loan to local schools. Having more instruments available has also allowed the association to grow into three bands, catering for players of different ages and abilities.

The growth of the Morecambe Brass Band has helped to promote brass instruments and music tuition in the local community, with many people not having access to or funds for a musical education. The quality of the band performances themselves also bring the community together and create a sense of pride in local talent.

Am ragor o wybodaeth am Morecambe Brass Band Association ymwelwch â'r wefan.

A ydych chi'n gysylltiedig â'r prosiect hwn ac eisiau rhoi rhagor o wybodaeth i ni? Cysylltwch.


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